Technology and partners - REZOTEL

Our platform uses a Reservit Central Reservation System (Reservit CRS) with links with all registered properties using the Reservit software in Quebec. There are more than 600 properties of all sizes and types that have chosen Reservit to ensure their online marketing.  

Reservit CRS is connected to the Reslynx software to allow traveltourism professionals a direct connection. 

Reslynx is an online travel reservation platform dedicated to the tour operators. It provides atools for B2B and B2C travel platformapps. Reslynx has developed interfaces with Reservit to access independent hotels, the GDSs to access hotel chains, car rentals and airfares allowing a tour operator or an incoming travel agency to create and distributeupload dynamic offers on their B2B and B2C websites. 

 Reservit is the market leader in Quebec providing online reservation solution to the independent hotels.