Boost your occupancy with REZOTEL

Reservations coming from tour operators are in average booked well in advance and are less subject to cancellation compared to those originating from any other distribution channel.Their clientele is both national, in particular during this sanitary crisis, and international. 

Tour operators and travel agents have been a natural partner for Tourisme Québec when it’s time to put in place incentives to promote packages to incite Quebecers to visit Quebec, and even more so during this pandemic crisis. Rezotel will connect your inventory to the registered tour operators in order to allow a seamless reservation process and increase the benefit for your property. 

Business Model 

  • Create a net fare in your Reservit Manager, then your dynamic offers and inventories will be available in real time up to the last room availableuntil last minute in real time. 
  • Payment is will follow immediately immediate using aby credit card. 
  • No membership fees, no set-up fees, no inventoriesblocks to manage to deal with the tour operators. 
  • It’s just a new distribution channel that you open in your “Reservit Channel Manager”: the tour operators’ channel.